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As Charles Evans Hughes said, "A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company" at the Chattanooga Chapter of Delta Upsilon you will always find yourself surrounded by gentlemen who strive to better themselves everyday.

Delta Upsilon, an international men's fraternity founded in 1834, is committed to Building Better Men through our four founding principles, the promotion of friendship, the development of character, the diffusion of liberal culture, & the advancement of justice, that challenge our brothers to expect nothing less then excellence from themselves and others. Our chapter, Chartered on December 11th 2010, prides itself on our commitment to uphold these values.

We have all agreed to embrace, uphold, honor, and live these principles in our everday lives. 

There are no secrets with Delta Upsilon,No secret oaths. No hazing. We are proud of what DU stands for and proud to be the world's only international fraternity committed to sharing our oaths, ideals, and symbols openly.